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Our Stud boys at Anniesong spend their youth as house cats, just like the girls. However by the time they are close to 9 months old, 'male behaviours' start to emerge and it is usually time to relocate them downstairs into 'stud quarters', essentially a rumpus room where it doesn't matter if they 'spray', as an entre male is inclined to do in his territorial rituals.

Anniesong Stud boys thus receive daily handling and attention which maintains their lovely interactive and 'needy' temperaments.

All our boys we've bred todate have also had a 'show-career' and are veterans on the showbench here in Queensland. As such they are smoochy and cuddly boys, very different to many studs that live lives relegated to a cage, and rarely interact with their humans.

We have over the past few years increased the number of boys, and have recently had to face the reality of desexing some of our boys while still quite young so that they adapt well to living as house-hold pets. 

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