T   he Tonkinese is a pedigreed breed of shorthair cat - classified as having a semi-foreign type, having been developed and derived from the breeds of Burmese and Siamese. The Tonkinese has proven to be a wonderful pet, and wins people over with the amazing temperaments that they freqently have.

The Tonkinese is a highly intelligent, active and interactive breed and requires a great deal of stimulation in comparison to many breeds. This page intends to provde an overview of the breed and all sections are expanded upon in other pages on this website.

So let's start from the beginning, with the Tonkinese Breed description; 

The bodytype is balanced between the extremes of the parental breeds Siamese & Burmese

The Tonkinese is intended to be an elegantly-shaped cat of semi-foreign type. However the actual appearance of a Tonkinese will vary depending on the following factors; 
The Country of origin (different countries reflect significant variations in type & breed standard)
The recipe used to breed a Tonkinese (variabilty in Siamese/Burmese contribution)

Essentially in Australia, The Tonkinese breed standard specifies a body-type or shape/proportion that hovers neatly between the divergent body types seen in modern Siamese and Burmese parent breeds, ie; the Tonkinese should look very different to both parental breeds.

Thus a Tonkinese should not exhibit the refinement of the Siamese or the Stocky body shape seen in the Burmese ...... as per the breed standard:

"Tonkinese conformation strikes a midpoint between the extremes of long, svelte body types and cobby, compact body types. Balance and proportion are more important than size alone" 

Thus an intermediately-bred Tonkinese will be an elegant and athletic looking cat, capable of feats of great agility.This intermediate body-shape is reliant on a 50% contribution of the Siamese influence in order to maintain the balance required.

(for more detailed info on Tonkinese 'type'; in Australia; check out ...  'Tonkinese in Australia' page) Read more




Anniesong River @14 week-old, She is a Seal-Point, so has blue eyes

Anniesong Pharaoh @14 week-old, He is a Lilac-Mink, so has aqua eyes


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